2020-21 Tryouts

All tryouts will take place in Nashville, TN 

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TIER I (AAA) 2002 TO 2003 (18U) TRYOUTS – JUNE 13-14

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TIER I (AAA) 2004 TO 2005 (15U AND 16U) TRYOUTS – MAY 16-17

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TIER I (AAA) 2006 TO 2009 TRYOUTS – MAY 2-3

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GIRLS 2001-2007 TRYOUTS- MAY 2-3

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NOTE – Players who tryout for Tier I (AAA) teams but do not make a team will be able to tryout for the AA team FOR FREE. There will be no additional tryout fee for those players. If you wish to tryout for both AAA and AA, please register for the AAA tryouts FIRST.  Once you register for the AAA tryouts, you will receive an email with the discount code to use during registration for the AA tryouts. Please register for both right away.

NOTE: The Southern Amateur Hockey Association (SAHA) requires that Tier II teams be community based.  Community based means the metropolitan area surrounding the Youth Hockey Association.  For purposes of the Nashville Junior Predators this means that all players on Tier II teams must reside with their parents in the Nashville metropolitan area.  Kids who live in a town that does not have a Youth Hockey Association or who live in a town in which the Youth Hockey Association does not have a team at his or her age group may apply for a waiver from SAHA to play in another Association within the state in which they reside.