Parent Code Of Conduct


  • Parents MAY NOT coach their child(ren) during practices and games OR shout at their child(ren) on the ice, in the dressing room, or during team activities.
  • Parents MAY NOT shout at or direct profanity language or signals toward any game official, coach, player or parent. See USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policy for possible penalties for such infractions.
  • Parents MAY NOT confront a coach for any disputed decision for a MINIMUM of twenty-four (24) hours after the end of the game or practice involved. After the 24 Hour Cooling Off Period, the parent(s) may contact the Team Manager or Coach who will institute the procedure described in the By-Laws for conflict resolution at the team level.
  • Parents MAY NOT confront, question or hassle any game official.
  • Parents MAY encourage their child(ren) to play by the rules, work hard during practices to develop skills, de-emphasize winning scores and emphasize healthy competition.
  • Parents MAY set a good example for their child(ren) by learning the rules of hockey and by being good sports that never boo or heckle game events, players or officials.
  • Parents MAY set a good example for their child(ren) by supporting the coaches and game officials and by acting appropriately regardless of the outcome of the game on the scoreboard.
  • Parents MAY emphasize and demand zero tolerance for drug, alcohol, tobacco or other substance use or abuse.
  • Parents MAY emphasize and demand zero tolerance for poor sportsmanship and for theft or destruction of rink or other property.


As a parent/guardian of a participant in the NJP program, I will attend, exemplify and support the tenets of the Positive Parents Program. I agree that I am subject to all directives of the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy, USA Hockey Code of Conduct of USA Hockey and the NJP Code of Conduct. I certify that I have read and understand the aforementioned Codes of Conduct and Policy and agree to abide by them.

I agree that I am subject to disciplinary measures, which may include, but are not limited to, prohibition from attending certain or all team functions or activities, and/or expulsion from NJP Program.

Furthermore, I agree and understand that my participant may be subject to dismissal from the NJP program based upon my behavior.

I understand and agree that the NJP Board of Directors may administer all appropriate disciplinary measures of behalf of the NJP Team Coaching staff, NJP Team Manager.

All disciplinary measures will be reported to the NJP Board of Directors.

All disciplinary action may be appealed, as appropriate, but all action takes immediate effect and shall remain in place until the appeal is ruled upon.

  • USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy

  • USA Hockey Codes of Conduct