Boys AA

The Nashville Jr Predators Hockey Club offers Tier II Boys hockey teams at for players between the ages of 9 to 18 who compete against tier II competition across the country. All of our Tier II Boys teams are a part of the Southeastern Amateur Hockey Association District. For more information on each team, select your team below or continue scrolling to learn more about the Boys Tier II Program.



    All selected players will participate in training camp in August to prepare for the season. Camp highlights include positional clinics, team building, on-ice training, off-ice training, classroom instruction and video sessions.


    All the teams will participate in a unique High-Performance Weekend to kick off the season. In addition to all the components of a routine High-Performance Weekend, this is an opportunity to meet the coaching staff and other Jr. Predators families.


    Parallel weekday practices will be provided in each local supporting association (on-ice & off-ice); combined age groups; heavy focus on skill development; follow the skill progression of the USA Hockey ADM Program.


    At least once a month teams take on this training camp style experience. Typically 4-5 hours on-ice practice, off-ice training, classroom style instruction, video analysis, team building, cross-over instruction from entire coaching staff are all included. These weekends help maintain a high practice-game ratio.


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Tier 2 Affiliate Hockey Alliance

The Carolina Jr. Hurricanes, McKinney North Stars, Coral Springs Makos, Nashville Jr Predators and the Vegas Jr. Golden Knights are proud to announce the formation of the Tier 2 Affiliate Hockey Alliance (T2AHA). The schedule will consist of 5 divisions, 10U AA, 12U AA, 14U AA, 16U AA, and 18U AA and have representation by all 5 member clubs. Each member will host a weekend and travel to 3 of the other 4 member club host weekends, with the exception of 18U who will each host a weekend and travel to 2 of the 4 host weekends. Balanced schedules, no tournament entry fees, minimized hotel nights, no stay to play requirements and consistent competition are some of the highlights of the partnership.

The goal of the alliance is simple, create a partnership with programs consisting of like-minded individuals to ensure an efficient, well executed competition platform while removing logistical challenges that plague Tier 2 hockey clubs. With solidified backing from all 5 member clubs, the T2AHA is immediately set up for success and drives home all the key elements that a club desires when creating a travel schedule that consists of efficiency and effectiveness.


JP Dumont

Director of Hockey Operations

15O Head Coach

Zach Jackson

Tier II Director of Hockey Operations

Ryan Smyth

12U AA Head Coach

Teddy Rottenberger

16U AA Head Coach

14U AA Head Coach

Pat Murray

10U Blue AA Head Coach

Tom Murphy

18U AA Head Coach

James Gatley

13U AA Head Coach

Martin Rioux

13U AA Assistant Coach

11U AA Assistant Coach

Dan Hollis

13U AA Assistant Coach

Chris Hart

11U AA Assistant Coach

Hal Gill

10U Blue Assistant Coach

Dallas Derr

16U AA Assistant Coach

14U AA Assistant Coach

Wes Collins

12U AA Assistant Coach

Bob Bender

12 AA Assistant Coach

Austin Keiser

Goalie Coach

10U Gold AA Head Coach Coach

Mirandy White

11U AA Team Manager

Stacey Smyth

12U AA Team Manager

Lauren Simpson

10U Gold AA Team Manager

Jenny Moore

13U AA Team Manager

Jay Jackson

14U AA Team Manager

Amy Hart

18U AA Team Manager

Tori Fiorenza

10U Blue AA Team Manager

Kristen Crawford

16U AA Team Manager

Elaine Staley

Parent Committee Member

David Garrett

Parent Committee Member

Britt Cesarone

Parent Committee Member