Practice Schedule

ProgramDayStart TimeEnd TimeFacilityTeams on the Ice
AAAMonday2:30 PM3:30 PMBellevue 118U AAA
AAAMonday3:45 PM4:45 PMBellevue 116U AAA
AAATuesday2:30 PM3:30 PMBellevue 118U AAA
AAATuesday3:45 PM4:45 PMBellevue 116U AAA
AAATuesday5:00 PM6:00 PMBellevue 211U/12U/13U AAA
AAATuesday6:15 PM7:15 PMBellevue 214U/15U AAA & 19U Girls
AAAWednesday2:30 PM3:30 PMBellevue 118U AAA
AAAWednesday3:45 PM4:45 PMBellevue 116U AAA
AAAWednesday 6:30 PM7:30 PMAntioch North11U/12U AAA
AAAWednesday 7:45 PM8:45 PMAntioch North13U/14U/15U AAA
AAAThursday2:30 PM3:30 PMBellevue 118U AAA
AAAThursday3:45 PM4:45 PMBellevue 116U AAA
AAAThursday5:45 PM6:45 PMBellevue 213U/14U/15U AAA

ProgramDayStart TimeEnd TimeFacilityTeams on the Ice
AAMonday7:00 PM8:00 PMAntioch North10U Blue
AAMonday7:30 PM8:30 PMBellevue 112U Gold/12U Blue
AAMonday7:45 PM8:45 PMAntioch South10U Gold
AAMonday8:15 PM9:15 PMAntioch North13U AA & 19U Girls 
AAMonday8:45 PM9:45 PMBellevue 114U AA
AATuesday5:15 PM6:15 PMThe Lab10U Gold
AATuesday6:30 PM7:30 PMThe Lab12U Gold/12U Blue (Alternating)
AATuesday8:45 PM9:45 PMAntioch South16U AA
AATuesday8:45 PM9:45 PMBellevue 218U AA
AAWednesday 6:15 PM7:15 PMAntioch South12U Blue
AAWednesday6:30 PM7:30 PMBellevue 210U Gold/10U Blue
AAWednesday 7:30 PM8:30 PMAntioch South12U Gold 
AAWednesday7:30 PM8:30 PMBellevue 113U AA
AAWednesday 8:45 PM9:45 PMAntioch South14U AA
AAWednesday8:45 PM9:45 PMBellevue 116U AA
AAThursday5:15 PM6:15 PMThe LabMite Development Program
AAThursday6:30 PM7:30 PMThe Lab10U Blue
AAThursday8:15 PM9:15 PMBellevue 218U AA

ProgramDayStart TimeEnd TimeFacilityTeams on the Ice
Girls DevelopmentMonday6:15 PM7:15 PMBellevue 1Goalie Clinic/Girls Development
GirlsMonday8:15 PM9:15 PMAntioch South13U AA & 19U Girls
GirlsTuesday6:15 PM7:15 PMBellevue 214U/15U AAA & 19U Girls
GirlsWednesday3:45 PM4:45 PMAntioch South19U Girls Skill Skates

ProgramDayStart TimeEnd TimeFacilityTeams on the IceNotes:
MDPMonday5:00 PM6:00 PMBellevue 1Mite Development Program
MDPWednesday5:00 PM6:00 PMAntioch SouthMite Development Program
MDPThursday5:15 PM6:15 PMThe LabMite Development ProgramAlternating Groups Communicated Directly

DayStart TimeEnd TimeTeams on the IceNote
Tuesday5:10 PM6:10 PM14U AAA, 15U AAA, 19U GirlsOFF ICE AFTER
Tuesday6:20 PM7:20 PM11U AAA, 12U AAA, 13U AAAOFF ICE AFTER
Wednesday5:10 PM6:10 PM13U AAA, 14U AAA, 15U AAA, 19U GirlsOFF ICE AFTER
Wednesday6:20 PM7:20 PM11U AAA, 12U AAAOFF ICE AFTER
Thursday5:10 PM6:10 PM13U AAA, 14U AAA, 15U AAA

DayDateStart TimeEnd TimeRinkTeams on the Ice
Tuesday3-Aug7:30 PM8:20 PM1Shared Practice
Thursday5-Aug7:50 PM8:40 PM2Shared Practice
Tuesday10-Aug7:30 PM8:20 PM1Shared Practice
Thursday12-Aug7:50 PM8:40 PM2Shared Practice
Tuesday17-Aug7:50 PM8:40 PM2Shared Practice
Thursday19-Aug7:50 PM8:40 PM2Shared Practice
Tuesday24-Aug7:50 PM8:40 PM2Shared Practice
Thursday26-Aug7:50 PM8:40 PM2Shared Practice
Monday30-Aug7:30 PM8:20 PM1Team Practice

Coming Soon...

DayStart TimeEnd TimeFacility GroupNotes
Monday 6:15 PM7:15 PMBellevue 1Goalie ClinicAlternating Groups will be sent directly to goalie families