About P4 Hockey

The Nashville Jr. Predators are committed to nurturing their players’ integrity, character, and leadership skills, ensuring they can compete at the highest level while becoming well-rounded individuals! P4 is a team-building program developed for our AAA players. It is designed to optimize team-building and personal development within the club, emphasizing the four Ps: Players, Purpose, Performance, and Pressure!

Led by Lincoln Lakoff, a hockey parent and visionary, P4 draws inspiration from his extensive experience in leadership and business. The program originated as a Leadership Academy in Lakoff’s wholesale distribution business, aimed at nurturing young individuals’ leadership abilities and fostering effective teamwork. With over four decades of professional experience, Lakoff has successfully translated these principles into the sports arena, presenting young athletes with tools to excel on and off the ice.

The Four P's


Focus on Individual Development.


Helping players discover and define their purpose.


Enhancing performance on & off the ice.


Training Players To Perform Under Pressure.

What Our Community is Saying

“Coach Lincoln’s P4 program is an outstanding program for athletes and for those who are trying to achieve a common goal. I really felt that I grew as an athlete and as a person, as well as growing closer to my teammates and coaching staff”

Caleb Klein

Nashville Jr. Predators Alumni

"P4 helped me not only as a leader in hockey, but also a person away from the rink. Coach Lincoln structured this program perfectly for young athlete’s like myself and not only creates strong personal bonds with each athlete, but also strengthens the relationship between the team!”

Ben Weisheyer

Nashville Jr. Predators Alumni