Uniting Nashville Youth Hockey

Partnership Announced Between the Nashville Jr. Predators and Nashville Warriors!

Nashville, TN – The youth hockey community in Nashville is about to experience a significant boost thanks to the collaboration between the Nashville Jr. Predators (NJP) and the Nashville Warriors Hockey Club (NWHC). This dynamic partnership aims to develop youth hockey players and their coaches in the Nashville area, create more opportunities for players to practice and play right in their hometown, and build a more robust and united hockey community. 


With a shared goal of providing Nashville-area youth players with a hockey development pathway, this partnership will introduce three key initiatives to support player growth and development!


New 8U Development Program:  Creating an enhanced 8U Development program geared towards teaching our youngest players skating and hockey basics while instilling the love of the game! This newly organized program will be run out of Ford Ice Center-Antioch, Ford Ice Center-Bellevue, and Gary Force Acura Ice Arena. The focus is to create more opportunities for young players and to allow families to select a location that is convenient for them. The goal is to enable these families to practice and play more in Nashville, reducing the extra burden of weekend travel. 


Enhanced Player & Coaching Development: NJP and NWHC will collaborate on player development planning while both organizations continue to offer and run their own Tier II (AA)  programs. With increased local competition and cooperation, players and teams will have more opportunities to grow and excel.


Unified Path to Tier l (AAA) Hockey: Nashville-based players in both Tier ll (AA) programs will be encouraged to try out for AAA Nashville Jr. Predators teams. Starting in the 2024-2025 season, the youngest AAA team, 12U (2012), will utilize the training facilities at Gary Force Acura Ice Arena under a joint coaching program, including on-ice skills and strength and conditioning sessions. Additional birth years in the Tier I program will utilize the training facilities at Gary Force Acura Ice Arena and Ford Ice Centers in Bellevue and Antioch in subsequent seasons.


NJP and NWHC are excited to see this partnership’s positive impact on the Nashville youth hockey community. The Director of Hockey Operations for the Nashville Jr. Predators, JP Dumont, stated “It is an exciting step in the right direction for Nashville youth hockey, the increased cooperation and collaboration between programs will propel us towards a more united youth hockey community”.

According to Nashville Warriors President Martin Erat, “A partnership creates the opportunity for Nashville kids to have access to elite training while being able to practice, play, and sleep in their beds. By working together, we can provide youth hockey players with what we believe are the best opportunities for growth and development. We are committed to providing our players with the best possible resources and opportunities to help them reach their full potential.”

With a shared vision and dedication to player and coach growth and development, Nashville hockey’s future looks brighter than ever! More details will be released in the coming days, including coaching announcements, season prospectuses, and tryout dates. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q: Are the Nashville Jr. Predators acquiring Nashville Warriors?

A: No, this is not an acquisition. Both organizations will continue to have their own

programming. This partnership focused on providing the best development for Nashville

youth hockey players.


Q: Is TPH buying the Warriors?

A: No, the Warriors will remain an independent 501c3 organization dedicated to providing elite

hockey development and training for youth players. This collaboration is between Nashville

Warriors Hockey Club and Nashville Jr. Predators, also a 501c3.


Q: Is TPH buying Gary Force Acura Ice Arena?

A: No, Gary Force Acura Ice Arena will remain an independently owned and operated ice rink.


Q: Should my player try out for both organizations?

A: Yes. If that is what is best for the player and family.


Q: Can my player try out for Tier I and Tier II programs?

A: Yes. In accordance with SAHA By-Laws & Operating Procedures, Tier I (AAA) tryouts are held before Tier II (AA) tryouts so that players can try out for both.

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